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What are the terms of sales? What needs to be considered?
As already mentioned, each casino bonus is linked to certain conditions: the bonus conditions usually include a certain minimum turnover. This is easy to understand: when it says, for example: paid-in money and bonus money have to be converted 25 times, then this means that you have to sum up both amounts and then count 25 times. Now you have to perform missions at this level, then all the money belongs to them. In many casinos you can see that quite clearly because the bonus money disappears from the bonus account and appears in their regular player account: now you can withdraw the money.

It should be noted that in the terms of wagering usually the games are weighted: while a Euro bet at the online slot is weighted with 100 percent and thus one euro turnover, a euro can be roulette often only 10 cents (10 percent) value. In addition, bets on both sides are not accepted: so you can not clear the bonus money by always putting red and black on roulette for many rounds!

Many casino bonuses also “favor” individual games.

So there is always a casinos casino bonus online, which can be implemented very quickly in some slot machines. Other slot machines or games, however, are sometimes excluded from the casino bonuses on sales. Make sure to call up the fine print of the casino bonus online of your choice. A click on the item “bonus terms” or on the general terms and conditions of your casino can be very worthwhile. Because there you will find all the exceptions of your casino bonus listed online and neatly listed. By the way, on our site you will only find casino bonuses with fair sales conditions, which any player can easily reach with a bit of luck.

In modern online casinos, it is usually very easy to understand how far you can clear with the bonus: just enjoy playing and very quickly the money will appear on your player account and you can freely dispose of it!

Can I withdraw winnings from a casino bonus?

Can I cash out winnings from a casino bonus? An online casino bonus, whether with or without deposit, which does not allow you to withdraw the winnings it earns, will not pay the player. Nevertheless, players keep falling into traps. Often you do not read the terms of wagering or use a casino bonus code that only applies to specific games and then violate the rules – many casinos are then relatively restrictive and lock the profits, because you have not kept to the house rules.

But that’s the exception and in the casino we recommend casino bonus winnings are paid out once the bonus conditions have been met. If there is a problem (for example, if you can not meet a time limit due to reasons, or similar), then always contact the casino customer service. Online casinos are interested in good and loyal customers and will take care of your wishes and problems to keep them as customers.

But if you swear bonus money, you will come to the bottom and then most of the profits and deposit are gone: so – be honest and do not try tricks: the casinos have here very good processes to find cheats!

Should I always accept the bonus?

Free money from the casino – that sounds just great. But not every bonus is suitable for every player. Sometimes the bonus terms set things that you do not want to or can not. Then it is better to do without the bonus – because games should be fun and a highly restrictive bonus can be just this fun.

Taking advantage of good bonuses is one of the major opportunities that the online casino offers to help you get the hang of it – but bad offers only cause trouble. So do not be shy and say “no” to an offer and communicate with customer service.

Incidentally, this also applies to good offers that you can not afford. You should only play with money that you are allowed to lose – and the best bonus is of no use if the invested money is lost elsewhere in your life.