What is an online casino loyalty bonus?

Compared to the widely advertised welcome bonus, the loyalty bonus is more of a shadowy existence. However, this is completely unjustified, since the benefit of a Loyalty Bonus for the player is in fact significantly higher.

This is due to the fact that the Welcome Bonus is only available to new players at the beginning, while the Casino Loyalty Bonus can be used over and over again. This becomes particularly clear when a special loyalty program is offered, which regularly holds bonuses, free spins and one or the other extra bonus.

Our tip: A more intensive confrontation with the online casino loyalty bonus is appropriate and ideally should already take place in the course of the casino election. A high welcome bonus is very tempting, but a high loyalty bonus can be even more rewarding for regular players!

How do I get into the genus of a loyalty bonus in the casino?

For example, a Loyalty Bonus may come as a weekly bonus or a deposit bonus. Sometimes the casinos also offer an extra bonus or loyalty points as soon as you reach a certain turnover. The modalities are always individually defined by the respective provider, which sometimes results in big differences.

Of course, an online casino loyalty bonus is only available to registered users with a real money account. In addition, because it is a loyalty bonus, players must often have already proven their loyalty by playing already active for several weeks in the respective online casino.

Conclusion: Online casinos have a great interest in loyal players and use appropriate bonuses as an effective means of user retention. Those who are passionate about gambling should opt for an online casino. If you do, you might just ask Customer Service for a loyalty bonus.

Where can I find the best casino bonus?

Congratulations – you have landed with us in the right place. Because in our casino tests, we always assess the overall package of bonus, gaming offer, respectability and other factors. Therefore, as a reader of our site, you do not fall into traps in which attractive bonus offers are promised, but in the end you only reap trouble and receive no money.

With the online casinos we recommend you save yourself a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, not all of us recommended casinos are equally suitable for every player. You should think about what exactly you are for a player type:

If you prefer to play slot games, it’s relatively easy:

there are no restrictions on the online casino bonus offer and you will also find some offers for a no deposit bonus. Slot machines just have to think about whether they would rather have a very attractive welcome bonus and a few more offers, or whether they are looking for a casino in which they want to stay long anyway: then later bonuses, loyalty points and VIP offer more crucial.

It is more difficult for players who specialize in blackjack, roulette or even video poker: these are excluded from many bonus offers right from the start.

You should then leave a little more time in the casino selection and specifically look for casinos with attractive offers for this type of games. It often happens that the welcome bonus completely excludes roulette players (or others), but the casino’s other bonus offers are quite good: read our casino tests and you will definitely find the right casino!

It is an art to find the really good casino bonus offers. That’s why we support our readers by informing them which casino has which offers and pointing out restrictions that should be considered. Players who are able to engage intensively here but also subsequently recognize which offers one should perceive (and which not, more on that later) – and thus increase the chances of winning immensely.