What are the differences between the “bonus types”?

Most often the casinos offer a bonus based on the first deposit (= first deposit bonus). Another type of bonus is the no deposit bonus, which is granted entirely without any return from the player. This is rarely offered (often in the form of free games). As a player, you should know that a deposit bonus usually has much more player-friendly wagering requirements than a no deposit bonus. In addition, a deposit bonus with a maximum height of 100 euros and more is significantly higher than a no deposit bonus, where there are usually only a few euros.

How can I best use my bonus?

The player should be sure to choose casino games for the bonus revenue that are not explicitly excluded in the terms. In many cases, only classic slot machines are counted as 100% bonus revenue. Table, card and jackpot games either do not count at all or only to a very small extent.

Consequently, an effective bonus turnover can only be made on the slot machines. Since the bonus amount almost always depends exclusively on the amount of the first own deposit, this should – if it allows the personal budget – as high as possible. Because a higher own deposit results in a higher casino bonus.

How important are the bonus conditions and how do they affect the payout?

Many players are not aware of the importance of bonus terms. These are generally more important than the mere bonus amount. Finally, the bidding conditions determine how quickly the bonus received can be converted into real money. Strict bonus conditions make this task much more difficult for the player. Only if the conditions have been fulfilled without exception can a request for payment of the real money and bonus credit be requested.

What happens if I win a progressive jackpot during the bonus phase?

The idea of winning a million-dollar jackpot while playing with the casino bonus is undoubtedly tempting. Unfortunately, as a rule, the reality is that with pure bonus credit, no progressive jackpot can be won. In the general terms and conditions (GTC) is usually such a note. In our view, it would also be unfair if a new customer with a starting balance, which he has gotten from the casino, wins a big jackpot. After all, many players have filled it with real money in advance. So if you want to crack a progressive jackpot, you have to play with real money.

Why is it better to play with a casino bonus?

In view of the bonus conditions to be met, many a player looks skeptically at a casino bonus. But we want to take the fear at this point: A casino bonus can basically only have advantages for the player.

And if this is no longer convinced of the claimed bonus later, he can still disable the bonus again. Basically, however, a casino bonus offers an attractive opportunity to make its first steps in the online casino and thereby benefit from an extra credit. For example, the bonus can be used to subject the offered game portfolio in detail to a personal test.

Our conclusion: Long-term use of Lucrative bonuses!

As you can see there are a lot of interesting bonus offers at the European online casinos. After our many years of casino bonus experience, it is extremely beneficial to use the promotions and bonus offers of casinos. Especially when registering at the casino, it is often raining euros on the new players. Because most providers overwhelm the new guests with bombastic welcome offers.

However, if you want to get a lot of bonus money for free in the long term, you must either opt for a casino with a good loyalty bonus, or switch providers regularly. No matter which bonus strategy you choose, our portal is your helpful companion. So you will find in our reviews all information about the loyalty programs of European casinos. If you prefer to opt for the bonus hopping, then we recommend you to select only certified casinos from our bonus list. On Onlinecasinos-Schweiz.com you will find only legal and reputable online casinos with excellent bonus offers!